WorkCover visited 350 construction sites in late 2019 focusing on the hazards/risks of working at heights, only 25% were
There is no doubt that along with all other industries, the Vocational Education and Training sector has had to adapt
Wouldn't RPL be easy if someone tapped you on the shoulder at the beginning of your career and said "hey
The Unique Student Identifier has been around since January 2015. Any student enrolling in a VET course (unless exempt) has
    When we moved to our current Student Management System in September 2019 we let a test group of clients
Virtual Classrooms to keep essential services working   As a safety training company, we understand that many of our clients
  Our trainers are often seeing equipment inspection tags being used on harnesses as a means of showing a record
  A message from Bob Bryden - Managing Director PARCOR Implementation of a COVID-19 Action Plan I would like to
  We are excited to announce that we have launched self-paced online learning for the following courses. BSB41419 - Certificate
    25% off public courses for Emergency Service Volunteers. PARCOR is offering discounted training for Emergency Services Volunteers for