Could virtual classrooms be here to stay?

There is no doubt that along with all other industries, the Vocational Education and Training sector has had to adapt to change throughout the current Covid-19 pandemic.

But could some of these changes be here to stay?

So far we are receiving a lot of feedback from employers that the Virtual Classroom has been a great way to keep mandatory training ticking along all whilst minimising  the face-to-face contact.

We are also finding that it has had many other side benefits such as;

  • Training can be focussed towards smaller groups
  • Typically lower course costs
  • Employers are booking workers in from multiple sites and cost sharing between
  • Student who have previously been rather introverted within the typical class setting have new and more private ways of engaging with their trainer
  • Training can easily be segmented to limit the continuous time that workers are “off the factory floor”
  • Training can typically be booked at a shorter notice which allows organisations to utilize what would have been down-time in unplanned shutdowns.
  • Practical aspects of the training can be covered in multiple ways catering for on or off site assessment as well as self-collection of evidence.

Have you considered the benefits of using a virtual classroom?