Confined Space Classification

PARCOR consultants can assist your organisation to meet the requirements of Workplace Health and Safety Regulations for entering and working in confined spaces.

Using the latest WHS Regulations, Australian Standards and Codes of Practice, PARCOR consultants can develop;

  • Confined Space Risk Register
  • Confined Space Risk Assessments
  • Confined Space Audits
  • Confined Space Rescue Plans
  • Confined Space Training Needs Analysis

Dangerous Goods

Our specialists will conduct risk assessments, review and develop chemical registers, identify dangerous goods and hazardous substances and storage requirements.

Our team have conducted assessments on many risks including manual handling, dangerous goods, confined spaces, and working at heights.

Emergency Management Plans

PARCOR provides Emergency Management Plan development services specifically designed for the organisation.

The Emergency Management Plan outlines procedures to prepare, respond and recover from an emergency, including building evacuation, staff welfare, liaison with Emergency Services and initial assessments.  All the key information for handling emergencies.

Staff will have an ‘easy to understand’; detailed set of procedures to follow based on current information, compliant with Australian Standards – (AS 3745 – 2010)

  • Building, Bush & Grass Fires
  • Internal & External Disaster
  • Evacuation Points & Procedures
  • Bomb & Personal Threats
  • Response Procedures

The Emergency Management Plan will:

  • Provide a framework outlining appropriate roles and responsibilities
  • Optimise co-ordinated response to any given emergency
  • Utilise the experience and skills of the PARCOR Corporate team, using our specialty templates

Heights Audit

PARCOR consultants can assist your organisation to meet the requirements of Workplace Health and Safety Regulations for Working at Heights.

Using the latest WHS Regulations, Australian Standards and Codes of Practice, PARCOR consultants can develop;

  • Heights Safety Risk Register
  • Heights Safety Risk Assessments
  • Heights Safety Rescue Plans
  • Heights Safety Training Needs Analysis

Senior Safety Advisor

Bob Bryden Managing Director of PARCOR can assist your organisation to maintain a safe working environment. Bob has over 20 years’ experience with a professional emergency service provider including operational fire officer, technical rescue project officer, fire protection officer and investigator. His exposure to risk management issues, major fires, chemical incidents and natural disasters has been vast, and he is proud to lead a team of highly experienced personnel, whose expertise compliments his own extensive experience. Bob not only leads the team but works at the forefront as a Senior Safety Advisor in all aspects of workplace health and safety.

Below are just some of the projects that Bob has worked on.

Confined Space Classification

Workers are required to enter a milk evaporating tower on a weekly basis to remove powder deposits. This tower had not previously been identified as confined space as it had large access points with a working platform that would be lowered into the tower. There were many different views onsite between workgroups as to if the tower should be deemed a confined space.

Bob stepped through the Confined Space classification process with both management and workers onsite whilst even participating in the weekly process of scraping away the powder deposits. Throughout the process, Bob was able to point out to key personnel situations where they were exposing themselves to hazards expected within a confined space. By utilising the Australian Standard 2865-2009, applying the Confined Space Regulations and using an IPAD assessment tool specifically developed by PARCOR, Bob was able to conduct a risk assessment classifying the towers as a Confined Space whilst educating all personnel involved in the hazards associated.

Major Hazard Facility

An audit conducted by WorkSafe concluded that a Major Hazard Facility and client of PARCOR was required to develop Pre-Incidents Plans.

The client contacted Bob to engage his emergency response advice and technical writing skills. This was to be a project conducted over a 14-month process developing plans for over 70 types of incidents such as loss of containment, hydrocarbon fires, vapour cloud explosions, dangerous goods and jetty incidents.

Safe Work Practices

After multiple incidents occurring at a local frame and truss fabrication centre, Bob was approached to investigate the causes. After thorough investigation of each of the incidents Bob discovered that no Safe Working Practices had been developed for using machinery onsite. This was a leading cause of the incidents occurring as employees had not been given enough information and instruction to enable them to perform their jobs safely along with some behavioural trends that had been occurring.

Bob worked with the management and staff onsite to help develop a range of Safe Work Practices for each of the machines and routine tasks. Once the procedures had been established Bob then moved on to helping management treat the behavioural trends effecting safety.

Emergency Management

The management of a Bayside Holiday Park situated in a high bush fire risk area approached Bob to help review their emergency preparedness. After reviewing the site and their procedures along with staff and visitor awareness, Bob concluded that the Emergency Management Plan was not meeting the Australian Standards, Regulations or Local Government requirements.

Bob became the project leader working with the park management, park committee, local government, police, fire and ambulance services to develop an Emergency Management Plan that would meet all the requirements. This was then tested by conducting a full-scale emergency exercise involving all parties.

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