USI transcripts now available to employers

The Unique Student Identifier has been around since January 2015. Any student enrolling in a VET course (unless exempt) has been required to hold a USI in order to be issued with a Statement of Attainment or Certificate.

At first, we possibly all saw the USI system as a hassle but now we’re starting to see the possibilities.

Recent changes to the USI system have now allowed a student to allow a Third Party such as an employer or recruiter. This is handy for the organisations that need to verify that certificates they’ve been presented are true and correct.

5 things to know about this new functionality

  • The student has to grant you access to their USI transcript and can remove the access at any time
  • A student can choose which records they want you to view, this is done by providing only an extract
  • The training records shown on the USI transcript will only date back to 1st January 2015 and will only show if there wasn’t an exemption (for instance training delivered within a volunteer emergency service was exempted from USI reporting)
  • The training records shown on the USI are NOT live. Depending on the RTO, they will upload records to the USI transcript on a Quarterly or Annual basis. If they are reporting annually they would be uploaded between 2nd Jan and 28th Feb for the previous calendar year.
  • The student is notified when you are looking at their transcript. Remember that privacy principals apply and you should only be using the information for its intended purposes.

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Remember that you can always verify PARCOR certificates issued since Sept 2019 by using the QR code found on the certificate. In most cases you could also see individuals certificates and training records for your employees in your Employer Portal*

See more about our Employer Portal Here

*Students are able to disable their employer gaining access.