PARCOR is looking for a suitable candidate for 2-3 days per week for the following –

PARCOR has experienced a big demand for Sales proposals and development of draft Training Plans to submit to our larger clients for their consideration. The development of these Training submissions relies on the writer having a background into RTO Operations, Nationally Accredited Training requirements (i.e. Units of Competency) and with excellent proposal written presentation skills.

The position would suit a person ideally who has the above skills and experience, who lives locally and available with flexible hours of work.

PARCOR as a family values run business, recognises that parents of school children need flexible hours of work around school times/ emergency carer requirements and school holidays, as long as the candidate has the ability to work from home successfully during these times, they are encouraged to apply.

The first round of interviews will be held by On Line meeting (Microsoft Teams). all submissions will be replied as soon as possible. The second interview will be held on site at PARCOR Training Centre. (Avalon Airport)

Questions about the position can be emailed to